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What is Outcrossing?

Outcrossing is done in order to increase the genepool and health of the breed. The resulting kittens will have hair but can produce “naked” kittens themselves and are still called Sphynx. They have all the traits of a naked Sphynx with the addition of hair. First generation outcrosses are referred to as F1’s with each generation going up 1 number until the offspring are hairless.



Sphynx Allowable Outcross Breeds:

American Shorthair, Devon Rex, Domestic Shorthair/Domestic Sphynx Outcross.




Breeding Pair Generation Details
ASH x  Sphynx F1 All kittens will have fur because the hairless gene in the Sphynx is recessive. All will carry for the hairless Sphynx gene.
F1  x  Sphynx F2 Statistically, 50% of kittens should have hair, 50% should be hairless. Typically, a breeder will choose to keep a hairless one for her breeding program, but there may be reasons to use the one with hair too. All haired kittens will carry for the hairless gene.
Hairless F2  x  Sphynx F3 All kittens should be hairless. Most of these kittens should start to look like a typical Sphynx. 
Hairless F3  x  Sphynx F4 These (bald) kittens are considered purebred Sphynx by both associations and can be shown as such