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Our Kings/Queens


Grand Magic Paul, Color: White, Odd Eyes (w63) Sphynx Lives with the Boggs family in Charleston SC

Joser Valmont, Color: Blue Point (a33) Sphyx

Livarens Christian, Color: Seal Mink (n32) Elf  For Sale


Grand Magic Odeta, Color: Black(n) Elf

Grand Magic Ornella, Color: Black(n) Elf

Joser Rosemary, Color: Blue Point (a33) Sphynx

Tyras*UA Fife Melonie, Color: Black(n) Sphynx

Joser Orinda, Color: Blue Mink (a32) Sphynx

Baby Rah Tahiti, Color: Chocolate Point (b33) Sphynx

Joser Sophie, Color: Blue Mink (a32) Bambino